Dog Grooming

We make sure that your dog is pampered and relaxed during his/her appointment!

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming | FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming - Tampa, FL

Everyone loves the feeling of their furry friends’ soft hair and refreshing smell after a good dog grooming session! FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming will make sure that all dogs and their owners in the Tampa, FL area have access to high quality, convenient dog grooming at competitive prices!

Our dog grooming appointments have all been designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Just like people, many dogs do not like grooming. Dog grooming is an art form not only because the end game is to make sure that the dog leaves looking pretty, but also because it is not always easy. Many dogs do not trust strangers and will be stressed out when they are taken to the groomer.

FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming believes that dog grooming appointments should be relaxing for everyone, and most of all for the dog. Instead of implementing any kind of inhumane treatment, FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming uses Rescue Remedy, which is an all-natural supplement. This supplement immediately will calm down most upset dogs, which will allow for a calm, relaxing dog grooming appointment.

FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming extends this level of comfort for your dog by using an anti-fatigue mat on their grooming table. This will help ease any pain your dog might be experiencing in their back, neck or hips. Your dog will also enjoy plush towel drying after bathing, and the use of a low noise blow dryer that won’t catch them off guard.

All of the measures that FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming has taken are to make sure that you receive the best quality service! This starts with how comfortable you feel with the service providers. Those fears can be allayed by all of our dog-loving groomers who will stop at nothing to make sure that all of the dogs in their care get the best personalized service for them!

Whether you are looking for your dog to be bathed and shaved for the hot months, or you just want them to get their hair styled for a party, FancyFur Mobile Dog Grooming can help! Fill out the online form to schedule an appointment today!

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